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Bottle made from organic material with a functional design and bigger surface for printing. The drinking nozzle closes watertight and is easy to open. Thanks to the design of the bottle, it’s really easy to twist open the cap. This drinking bottle is made from a plastic based on organic raw materials (sugar cane) and is suitable for the dishwasher. Team BioBased bottles are food safe and fully recyclable.


Order online

 • Sizes: 500 and 750 ml

 • Available to order from 300 items

 • Screen printing

 • Choose from 3 colours for the nozzle

 • Choose from 3 colours for the cap

 • White-transparent bottle


Fully customised

 • Sizes: 500 and 750 ml

 • Available to order from 5,000 items

 • Screen printing

 • Choose your own colour for the nozzle and cap

 • White-transparent bottle



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Size 500 ml

Size 750 ml

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