Eurobottle has been making and selling bottles since 1994. Every year, we produce and print millions of bottles for customers both in the Netherlands and abroad. Eurobottle mainly supplies manufacturers of sports nutrition products, advertising agencies, sports clubs and companies.


Eurobottle produces bottles at its facilities (Flestic) in Dronten. Here, we perform checks and controls throughout the entire production chain; from raw material supply, production and printing, to distribution. In this way, we can produce top-quality bottles.


Here you can watch a video about our production process.


Quality comes first

You will really notice the quality of Eurobottle bottles when you start to use them. They are both easy to use and easy to clean. Even after intensive use and many washes, Eurobottle bottles remain 100% leak-proof.


Food safety

Both Eurobottle plastic bottles and production process are food safe. This means that the bottles are suitable for storing foodstuffs. No harmful or noxious substances are transferred into the contents of your bottle. Our production processes confirm with European regulation (EC 1935/2004 and EC 2023/2006). Naturally, our finished products are tested extensively. Eurobottle is certified according to ISO9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005.



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