Eurobottle goes Rolynaround the world!

Eurobottle goes Rolynaround the world!

In January 2018, Robert (29) and Lynn (24) left for a world trip by bike. “Initially we would go backpacking, but an encounter with a Swiss cyclist inspired us and decided to do this as well.”
The bike is an ideal means of transport for ‘RoLynAround’, as they call themselves.

“You are always in the open air, connected with every road you take, hills that you climb and the weather you have to go with. It also makes you more approachable for the people you meet along the way. For us it is not about reaching a destination, but about the journey we make. Also, not knowing where you will sleep at night or where you can find ingredients to cook with, is part of the adventure. Although camping on the side of the road or cycling through Central Asia is a challenge for some, we think it will bring us great experiences. ”

At the moment Robert and Lynn find themselves, after 259 days and more than 11,000 km in the legs, in Chengdu (China!) Eurobottle provides Robert and Lynn with biobased water bottles to be able to keep drinking enough. Do you want to stay informed about the adventures of Rolynaround? Follow them on Instagram via @rolynaround or visit

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